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MCAP Components

MCAP Converged Infrastructure – Ultra-high performance and ultra-secure infrastructure for ingesting massive amounts of Big Data (structured and un-structured). Available in footlocker configurations for space-constrained situations

Integrated Monitoring Solution – Covers the whole process from acquisition to presentation for law enforcement agencies’ intelligence requirements by improving the success rate for mass, lawful interception

Massive Scale Data Explorer – Provides data inventory and shaping for massive data discovery integration

Social and Edge Predictive A. I. – Social network and real-time platform that allows users to search and analyze, in real-time, endless web sources and social media content

XetaVault Artificial Intelligence Platform – “Weaponizing Social Data” – Predictive Models with Machine Learning (AI); a next generation Business Intelligence (BI) solution for strategic and tactical predictions

Social Listening – Listening across all the top social platforms to track content in real-time through ML and A. I. tools. Supports enterprise levels of data and tracking online conversations to find relevant information

Voice Analytics – Machine transcription and speech analytics provides effective insights and analytics of audio, enabled by highly accurate machine transcription